Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Good Stitching weekend

This is my first attempt at a Blog. and this is also THE perfect stitching weekend. Frosty cold, and the wind howling, and I am tucked away in my cozy home here in Maine with Comet the dog, and 2 silly kitties, and a pot of homemade potato and leek soup on the back burner. Snow is coming to our state tomorrow night for the first time this winter, and I am ready!! I stitched 3 ornaments this weekend; this Chickadee with the french horn, and the Stitcher's Tree with the scissors charm on top and started the sweetest little snowman ornament that a stitching friend gave me the chart for. I am almost ready for Christmas, with 99% of my shopping done. Now to finish up the rest of my Christmas Stitching. My goal last Christmas was to have a tree FULL of stitched ornaments this year, but it just didn't happen. I think I have a total of 10 done already between last year and this. I think I need a warm cup of Chocolate Ovaltine now; care to join me?

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Monica said...

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful stitching day, Nikki! Hope you enjoy another one just like it today. :)