Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sharing a favorite artist

I thought I would share one of my favorite artists, Paul de Longpre. I do not own any of his painting ( couldn't afford one), but I just love his gorgeous realistic looking much like a photograph. I have a lovely book about his art and his life, and these are a few pictures from it. I believe a couple of his pansy paintings have been turned into cross stitch charts. Thanks for sharing with me. Till next time.



Kim said...

Very pretty paintings.

Chrissy Kulp said...

What is the book with the print Yellow and Purple Pansies? I notice Spanierman Gallery 1894 on the opposite page. I have this print, and would be interested in more information.

Nikki said...


All these pictures are from the same book ( green cover above), called The Life and Art of Paul de Longpre by Nancy C. Hall. I bought it from the Irvine California Museum where they had an exhibit of some of his paintings.