Saturday, April 14, 2012

THREE Day Weekend for me

In New England, Monday is Patriot's Day, so I have a long weekend off from work. Today was just beautiful weather, almost 70 degrees and breezy.

I took a nice drive today to my Needlework Shop in Wiscasset on the coast. It is the only one within 100's of miles of me. I usually buy cross stitching supplies online, but I wanted to be able to see the threads for this project in person, before buying.

I have signed up for Papillion Creations new Stitch a Long that will go on for 24 months. Each month a new part of the design to stitch. Part I has been released and here are the colors I have chosen. We needed 3 greens, and 8 floral colors. I chose 40ct linen to stitch it on in the color Flax.

I also took my cat Punkin to the VET this morning to get the sutures out of his ear. He developed a Hematoma in his ear, and it swelled up so huge. The VET had to do surgery and drain the blood out, and put sutures all over his ear so the tissue would mend back together. He had to wear that dreaded collar for a week. So, here he is healthy and 2 pretty pointy ears

Here is Punkin after the surgery with his collar on. Owwww, the ear looks painful!

And here he is this afternoon, after the sutures were removed this morning. He looks grumpy, but he is a lot happier now, really !! His ear sadly will always droop like that.

I picked up a new magazine, to me, today at the grocery store. It is called Cooks Country. I watch the TV show on PBS with the same name and I love their recipes. They also do the America's Test Kitchen show. Anyway, this magazine has the yummiest looking Pound Cake with cream cheese in the batter. OMG! Here is the magazine and a picture of the cake. I will make it tomorrow and let you know how it tastes. YUMMMMM-oooooo

Have a great weekend everyone!



Jeannine520 said...

A droopy ear could never mar his beauty, he's still just as gorgeous. I'm so glad he's feeling better and got rid of that collar.

Kim said...

Poor Kitty, that looks painful. Still a very handsome kitty! Next time you head to Stitcher's Corner let me know, I would love to meet up there again and I haven't been in a very long time :)