Monday, August 26, 2013


It seems like it has been a long long time since I have posted on a regular basis. I never get many comments, so sometimes I feel like no one reads my blog, so why bother. But it is fun for ME to go back and reread things I posted, so I guess it is a sort of a diary. I see one of the last posts I was in the midst of making my lovely granny blanket. Well, I finished it here are the pictures.
I started another afghan that I call my stained glass blanket. It uses up all my colors from the granny afghan and I added black. I love how it is looking.
I have started a brand new cross stitch project, but have not gotten very far. It is called Flower Power by The Crossed Wing Collection. I ordered 28ct. evenweave specially dyed by Paula at Crossed Wing. The project is HUGE, but I am stitching it with others in a Stitch-a-Long on Facebook. Here is what the finish will look like and my progress.
I have also been doing a Stitch-a-Long of Scarlet Letter Samplers and you can see my Dorothy Walpole progress a few posts back. I was the winner of a $50 gift certificate for any Scarlet Letter merchandise, and I chose the following samplers, and they arrived in the mail last week.
Here are a couple of patriotic finishes I have done also this summer.
That's it for this time. More to share later. Have a good week. Nikki


Rita said...

Beautiful work!

I think of my blog as more of a diary too.

Iris said...

Beautiful stitching and the afghans are lovely. I do read many blogs but I don't comment a lot,

Kaisievic said...

Hi Nikki,
I like to blog because as you say it is like keeping a journal and a record of our stitching, etc. So stay heartened I think you will find that lots of people read your blog posts but don't always have time to comment.
Love your afghans - they are stunning!
hugs, Kaye
P.S. I also find that the more active I am in blogging (ie posting and reading/commenting on the blogs of others) the more "hits" I get on my blog posts.

Marilyn said...

Great projects!
The Afghan is gorgeous!
It will be fun to watch your progress on Flower Power too.:)

llknbillburg said...

I feel like that about my blog sometimes too but just because you don't get comments doesn't mean people aren't reading your blog. Keep up the good work, we're out here!!! Laura

Mary Ann said...

I read your blog and enjoy seeing your lovely stitching!

I have found that what Kaye said in her comment is right--the more I comment on others' blogs, the more comments I get on mine. It is a way for people to find your blog, and people generally return the comments. I don't always comment like I should--it is easier to just read blogs. : )

Emma/Itzy said...

your projects are wonderful. I look forward to seeing more of your cross stitch project it is a lovely pattern.

Krista said...

Beautiful knitting and stitching! Love your afghan with the colorful circles!

Louise said...

I just love your afghans!!! ❤️

Linda Sherman said...

Hi Nikki! Here I am again. LindLee from the 123 board. I'm still not sure that I'm receiving all my emails or not. You can also send messages to my comments on my blog at Love'N My Stitches.

I am indeed glad though that I've looked your blog up. Thought I was a member once before, it was under my old blog. All your needle work is beautiful. Looks like you've been very busy.