Saturday, April 12, 2014

Too Long

It has really been too long since I last posted. Not even sure where to begin. I spent most of the cold Maine winter doing mostly crochet. Here are some of my finishes. These are a few Chemo Caps I crocheted for a local group. I might make some more this year.
I made a cute little tote bag for a friend.
I finished my stained glass afghan in December at Christmas time, during an ice storm that left us without power for 4 days!
And I made and designed a Spring Afghan. I crocheted 10 granny squares, as I intended to make a granny afghan, but then changed my mind, and used the grannies as a center panel. I call this my Spring Tulip afghan.
I bought a new writing desk for my birthday in FEB, and now have my laptop on it, and can use it for my hobbies and crafts too. I love it.
And last, but not least, I did a little bit of stitching over the winter and early spring. Here is my pitiful progress on Flower Power.
And this past week I have gotten my WIP Samplers out and put some stitches into each. Past & Present Rosewood Manor
Three Things Sampler Moira Blackburn
And Birds of A Feather by Brenda Gervais
This is my new crochet project, snowflake squares.
I hope to come back to posting more regularly. Thanks for stopping by. Nikki


Marilyn said...

You've been busy!
All such pretty projects.
Love the Granny Afghan.
Sometimes it feels good to switch crafts for awhile. :)

sharine said...

You have lots of gorgeous projects:)

Barb said...

Good to see you back. Love seeing your crocheted pieces and needlework.