Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Rainy Weekend here

It was a rainy gloomy and cold weekend. I was cold all weekend, and ended up in my favorite stitching chair, all covered in blankets, watching old movies on Turner Classics and stitching. I started a new Papillion design; another freebie that she put out a while back, called Serendipity. I decided NOT to do the specialty stitches on this one, like I am doing with How Does Your Garden Grow. I like the colors I chose. I am not sure what I will do with it, but am having fun stitching it, and that's what counts. Here it is so far:

I thought it might be fun to show you my stash storage that I recently got at Target. It has 21 drawers that pull out and have lids on them. I keep my different WIP in a different one and can easily pull it out to work on. They fit nicely into my closet in my computer/ craft room. This is how it looks:

Then, in the same room, I have a book shelf that holds containers with my EXTRA DMC floss by numbers one of my two Jammers Boxes with a complete set of DMC, and magazine holders for charts and magazines. This is it:


Then up on the closet shelf I have more magazine holders with MORE charts, and I have a built in bookshelf out in the hall with all my hardcover XS books. PLUS, I have plastic totes ( 3 of them) under the bed in the craft room, with all my fabrics, and a end table with magazine racks under it, and more WIP in plastic bags in there. I just cleared out my unwanted stash at the end of winter, so all this that is left is my NECESSITIES !!!! LOL

Hope you have a nice week, and get lots of stitching done. Thanks for stopping by.



~Julie~ said...

Hi Nikki!! I really like your "How Does Your Garden Grow" piece, those colors are gorgeous! =) And---I'm greeeeeen with envy at your storage system. lol! Mine is just sort of scattered around the house. I'm not a very good organizer, can you tell? lol Thanks for sharing your blog!!

(humorschild at 123 Stitch)

Scotstitcher said...

Your stitching pieces are beautiful Nikki and your stitching stash storage looks great. I wish I was as organised as that.

(lainey14 on 123)

monique said...

Wonderful stash organization!! Thanks for sharing pictures :)

Shari said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!! Want to come & help me organize mine?!?!!?!? I am going to have to get to a Target & check these out!!!!!