Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brand New Stash

It has been awhile since I last posted. I was sick at the end of the winter with Bronchitis, and then kind of sad because it was one year since my mother passed away on April 29th. I was a different Mother's Day this year too without her; but I did get to spend it with my children and go lovely flowers & candy and a dinner at Ruby Tuesday's for Mother's Day.

I have also decided to sell most of my cross stitch stash and just keep 1 box of the charts I love the most. OF COURSE I did have to make one purchase, and here is what I got:

I just love Rosewood Manor designs and these just "SPOKE" to me as I am doing research on my Family Tree. I also bought some of those Bohin needles that are supposed to just s-l-i-d-e like butter through the fabric and see for myself. I can't to start one of them this weekend.

Grandson Benjamin got a real first barber haircut; doesn't he look older?

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