Sunday, February 26, 2012

Worked on my Genealogy this morning

Besides needlework, one of my other passions for the past 5 years or so, is Genealogy. I have been a member of Ancestry.Com off and on for some time now, and have gathered lots and lots of good info from Census records, birth & death records, etc. I have even met some distant cousins through Ancestry and gotten photos from them of family members that I didn't have.

I keep track of all the information in a database. I purchased Legacy Genealogy software to do this. I have data about my father's parents on both sides going back to the 1600's, as well as my mother's going back to the early 1800's. There is no one left in my mother's family that I can ask questions to anymore. On my father's side, there is just 1 of his sister's left, and she gave me all the info she had. So I keep on searching through records online, and trying to find distant relatives who might have a bit of info. Each time I go onto Ancestry.Com I find at least 1 tiny bit of new info, which makes it worth it to me. It's like a huge jigsaw puzzle that takes years to put together. My oldest son Jon also has the interest and keeps his own database.

This is a picture that I was able to find through a distant cousin, of my maternal grandfather as a child. I had never seen any pictures of him as a child before. He is the one on the right with the curl in the middle of his forehead. YES, that is a boy child!! I love the clothes.

This is my paternal grandfather as a child on the left, which I already had, but love his clothes too and wanted to share.

I have worked a bit more on my Memory Sampler this weekend, here is an updated picture of it. I think I will put it down for the rest of today and pick up my Past & Present Sampler and work on that this afternoon and evening.


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Bronny said...

Thank you for sharing Nikki - I've got a few photos to get scanned and added to my family history blog (and to make a few more posts) -
Will you scan all your photos and make a photowall of them?
(that's given me an idea.....)