Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not much stitching this week

It was so hot here this week. 80 degrees is a bit hot for March in Maine, especially since it went right from the 50's to 80 degrees!!! I was pretty miserable this week, and did not get much stitching done.

Here is my progress on my Memory Sampler this week

I stitched on my Drawn Thread Butterfly Garden a little bit. This one is fun to stitch, as I learn some new specialty stitches

Look what I put together to display my growing collection of embroidery scissors. It is pink depression glass with lovely scalloped edges. Then I found a clear glass flower frog on Ebay to fit the top. My embroidery scissors are displayed, the tips protected and it looks pretty too

The cloth that is behind the scissors display is a vintage table cover I got at The Goodwill for $1 !!! It is cut work, which is something I would love to learn how to do someday, and will. Here are a couple of pictures of it. Someone lovingly made this long ago.

I bought back all the old issues of Just Cross Stitch magazine that has this Merry Cox Share Thy Bounty Stitching set in it. I had the set, and figured I probably would never stitch it, but kept thinking and thinking about it, and finally found the 4 issues and bought them back. Someday I WILL stitch this!! They are in Just Cross Stitch Nov & Dec 1995 and the Feb & April 1996 issues in case anyone is interested in finding them and stitching it themselves.

Last weekend I went poking around in a Antique Barn shop we have near here. They have a little bit of everything. I found this book that has Victorian Style needlework patterns in it for X Stitch, knitting, crochet, sewing, all kinds of things I love to do. I also found a couple of lovely vintage ladies hankies. I may just keep them, or make something out of them!!

It has turned colder and more early spring-like this weekend, but I prefer it over the blasting heat we have had.


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Teresa said...

Very nice wips.....we DO have similar tastes....we have the same frog vase too.