Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This is what I was doing on Christmas Eve day, finishing up some last minute details. Baking a dozen Coconut cookies for my grand daughter Kaleigh as she is WILD about coconut. I did eat just one to make sure they were good and they are !

I also finished her Snow Bear Scoodie that I crocheted. Here is a picture from the pattern and then my Scoodie.

For the other grandkids, besides gifts, I made them homemade Caramel Corn and put it in various sized canning jars.

I only got a wee bit  more done on Dorothy Walpole, so I won't share that today.




Melinda said...

Love your Snow Bear Scoodie - what fun. And Caramel Corn - awesome. Hope you had a wonderful holiday

Nicola said...

The scoodie looks amazing. I could eat some of your caramel corn right now.

Mom E. said...

Such fun! I have never visited your blog before but I have been cross stitching for oh....my....36 years now!! Not EVERY minue....LOL, but I still stich an item every year or two. I love all of your stitching women prints on the blog! beautiful! THis makes me want to get moving on an unfinished project and blog about it!
I'd better finish them before my eyes and fingers get too complainy about things! Look forward to following you and your talented work!

Louise said...

Hi Nikki!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment :)
Your cookies look delicious, as does your caramel corn!
I never heard of a scoodie before , but it looks wonderful, you are so talented!!
I wish you a blessed New Year!
Louise in NC xx