Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter is neverending

I live in Maine, so i should not complain about the winter; but gosh, it is just so darned long some years. This winter we have had so much snow. We just had a foot over the weekend, and another 10 inches is predicted for tomorrow and the next day.

I have gotten some stitching done these past couple of months. Here is my progress on The Things Sampler

I decided to restart my Dorothy Walpole Sampler. I just did not care for the way it looked on 36 ct linen with 2 strands of DMC. So, here is my RE-START on 40ct linen with 1 strand of DMC. I am so much happier now.
I have also begun a design for my Daughter in Law for next Christmas. She collects and loves Snowmen, so I am stitching 6 Fat Snowmen by Lizzie Kate on blue 32ct linen. So far I have finished one of the fat guys
If you would like to enter a great Giveaway, Nancy at The Victorian Motto Shoppe is giving away some of her hand dyed threads in her new Spring colors. Become a follower of her fun blog and leave your comment to enter.

Victorian Motto Shoppe Giveaway

I bought myself a great birthday present.......a Kindle. I never thought I would like one, but I love it now. I got a nice purple leather cover for it, and am reading my first book called The Passage by Justin Cronin. If you read Stephen King's The Stand, check out The Passage.
I decided also to buy myself something I have been wanting for a long long long time. Since I will be stitching for the rest of my life, I am buying myself a Millenium Frame. They are hand made in the UK, and at the moment they are out of stock, but I got myself put on a pre-order list, and will be buying the frame, and stand and some extras. Here is what it looks like
They are a little on the pricey side, but I think it will be a good investment. You can read all about them here, and watch a video on how easy they are to use, etc.

Millenium Frame

I also found something I really would like to make for my daughter in law, and perhaps one for me too. My DIL lost her grandmother just 2 weeks ago, and I found these crazy quilt memorial pieces that I just love and want to make one with a picture of her grandmother in the center. I love doing all the fancy embroidery stitches, and have always wanted to make a crazy quilt, but just don't have the time now what with still working full time. This will be perfect, a 12inch X 12 inch piece, or something along that size, and framed. Wouldn't it be lovely? I already bought the photo to fabric transfer paper for my printer, and am gathering fabrics and threads to use. Here are a couple pictures I found for ideas.
So many ideas, so little time. LOL Someday when I retire, I can really sink my teeth into my hobbies.

I almost forgot to post this picture of my Grandson Benjamin taken on Feb 3rd. He turned 3 years old that day, and his daddy ( my oldest son Jon) was reading him one of the books he got.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by to visit.


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Nicola said...

I did enjoy The Stand and will check out The Passage, I am always on the look out for a new audio book.

You have some lovely projects on the go Nikki and I loved the photo of your son and gransdon.