Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A few finishes

Here are a few projects that I finished in the past couple of weeks.
They all went to my office to be displayed. I have ALL Patriotic samplers and pictures etc decorating my office walls and desk. I will take some pictures soon and show you. I am working on LHN Old Glory right now, and that will be the last of my red, white and blue stitching for a while. Nikki


Kaisievic said...

Wow, Nikki! Fabulous! I wish that we had designers who did similar type designs for Australia in red, white and blue - although our flag is probably a little harder to replicate in stitching with that darned Union Jack in the corner! I particularly like the first, redwork one - who is the designer?

Marilyn said...

Great Patriotic pieces.
Thanks for sharing them.

Nikki said...

The first one is called Home of The Brave by Blackbird Designs.

Iris said...


Hazel said...

Beautiful finishes. I love your art pictures on your sidebar. x