Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Special Stitching Project

Today I started, AND finished a very special project. I have a co worker, who lost her baby boy about 2 years ago. His name was Matthew ( just like my son), and he was only about 2 months old when he died. This past Christmas she had been searching everywhere for a figurine, or an ornament with a little boy angel on it, and couldn't find anything. Without her knowing, I have been looking and looking for a special angel to stitch for her, and I found him. It is designed by Ruth Morehead, and was in a older Dimensions leaflet called Holly Angels. I changed him a little bit, hair color to brown instead of red, and took out the holly, so it wasn't so Christmasy. I think I will find a small silver frame to put it in. Matthew's birthday is coming up in March, ( he would have been two, and I will give it to her close to the date.


Now I can return to my other works in progress for the remainder of the weekend.



Cindy said...

How sweet. I know she will appreciate you remembering Matthew!

Kim said...

That is adorable and I am sure she will treasure it for many years to come. I also think giving it to her around that time will be very meaningful to her knowing that someone remembered.