Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Stash

Well yesterday's trip down to Wiscasset and the Stitcher's Corner with my friend Cindy was wonderful. I found all the specialty threads I needed, and a couple of charts I just couldn't leave there !! Ribbons of Hope is by The Needles Prayse. My sister in law has breast cancer, and I will stitch this for her, and maybe for some charity quilt squares. The other chart I just fell in love with the colors, and the idea of it. It is called Amish Trip Around The World from Nancy's Needle. It is done on 18ct mono canvas with Caron threads. I might just try it on evenweave, maybe with Pearl Cotton?? Or I may just try the canvas. As you can see by the colors of this chart, and my other stitchings, these are MY COLORS, and I was just drawn to the chart and had to get it.

Here's a close up of the Trip Around the World. Isn't it GORGEOUS !!!


I finished up Part 5 of the How Does Your Garden Grow this morning while I watched the finale episode of The Tudors on Demand. Boo hoo; will have to wait for Season 3 to begin now. I LOVE that series. Here are the butterflies from Part 5completed. Cannot wait for Part 6 now!!!

I think I might get out a WIP to work on for the rest of the holiday weekend. Maybe my New England Sampler....hmmmmmm, let me go look. Have a great weekend.



Marion said...

wonderful stitching!! I see you do swedish weaving as well!?

Do I know your name from the 123 board?

Nova Scotia

Shari said...

your Papillion is beautiful!!! And oh my goodness!!!! That Amish piece is perfect!!! You & I love the same color schemes for sure!!!

~Julie~ said...

Ooohh.....ahhhhhh. I really like your version of "How Does Your Garden Grow". The colors you have chosen are just perfect for the piece. It is so serene to look at. =) Great job, and thank you for sharing with us!!


Stitch Wizard said...

I just ran across your blog and have to say you do have wonderful taste in colors. I have now found this Amish Trip Around the World and just got the canvas and threads. I still need to order the pattern when my dh gets paid but I too just love it. Have you started yours? It is just beautiful! My dh too is from Maine. He was raised in Camden and was born in Damrascotta. I hope to visit Maine someday. Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern! Debby :)