Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Stitchy Weekend

Well, I have been doing plenty of stitching this weekend. I thought I had a frame for the Wildflowers piece I finished, but I don't. I will go look tomorrow for one, but I did manage to get the insect charms sewed onto it. Look, aren't they the cutest things? You can click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see them.

I made a little more progress on Past and Present; I finished the blackwork row this afternoon, WHEW ! I have come to the conclusion that I definitely do not like to stitch blackwork and am very glad that row is finished.

I am off to shower now and get set up with my stitching to watch my favorite TV show, Downton Abbey on PBS. It is sooooo good. Anyone else watch it?

I return to the Dr. tomorrow and he will tell me when I can return to work. I have been out of work since before Thanksgiving and then had surgery on Jan 10th. I don't know what the Dr. will say, but I do not feel quite ready to go back yet; maybe in another week. When I go out to the store, I get soooo tired, so I think I just need a bit more time to rest and build up my strength or else I will not be able to make it through 40 hours a week of working.


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